Rocklabs BOYD Elite

The ROCKLABS BOYD Elite is the world’s first double-acting fine jaw crusher, employing jaws that can hold up to 5kg of sample and crush a 70mm sample to 2mm in a single pass.

Rocklabs BOYD Elite

ROCKLABS® fully transportable container laboratories meet the challenges of rapid deployment and on-site testing head on and are suitable for deployment in a number of situations. This can be used on exploration projects for the pre-screening of samples or as an on-site mining laboratory potentially saving millions in setup costs.

Rocklabs Benchtop RSD

ROCKLABS Rotating Sample Dividers (RSDs) are designed to split out a representative proportion of a sample with a high degree of dividing accuracy. The design is robust and the machinery easy to operate.

ROCKLABS® has an extensive range of spare parts and consumables available at all times for our equipment.

Spare Parts and Consumables

Drying Oven

The Drying Oven is designed to dry mineral samples prior to sample preparation and analysis. Minimal space is also required as ovens can be installed side by side with minimal floor space between them.

Reliable, safe and robust, the Rocklabs M2000 Mk3 is designed to process large samples up to 1.5kg down to -75 micron.

Rocklabs RM2000

The Rocklabs RM1000 batch pulveriser is used for pulverizing a variety of material from 1-1000g for subsequent analysis by instrumental methods or wet chemistry.

Rocklabs RM1000

Rocklabs Mid Boyd Crusher

The Rocklabs Mid-Boyd utilises our patented double acting fine jaw crushing design, with an increased sample input size of up to 110mm.

Featuring top and bottom moving jaws, the MID BOYD delivers the maximum amount of crushing, reducing samples by 27 times the original size.

Characterized by ease of maintenance and cleaning and equipped with stringent safety mechanisms as standard, the MID BOYD reduces the time and cost associated with the crushing process.

Rotap Sieve Shaker

The original W.S. Tyler Ro-Tap® is the industry standard for consistent, repeatable particle size testing. The Ro-Tap has a unique two-dimensional operation: a horizontal, circular motion and a vertical tapping motion. This unit provides the most accurate and consistent particle analysis.

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