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Butterfly Valves are renowned throughout the chemical, petrochemical, Garlock process, and many other industrial sectors for their quality, performance and reliability in demanding conditions. Garlock valves set the standard in TA-Luft compliance, plus the valves are certified with SIL 3 according to EN 61508.

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Butterfly Valves

Garlock, Gaskets

Compression Packing

Garlock Compression Packing will contribute to maintain a safe process, meet stringent fugitive emission limits and save resources, with proven reliability.

Our packing products will generate the greatest return on initial investment in terms of leakage control, service life, dependability, and cost-effectiveness. We also provide expertise with highly knowledgeable application engineering support.

Garlock compression packing is rigorously tested to ensure effective sealing in valves, pumps, agitators, and other rotary equipment. The development of the compression packing line reflects the evolution and innovation in the materials used in its production. Garlock develops and manufactures it's own technical yarn braided into packing, along with high performance proprietary coatings, that are essential in this age of sealing performance requirements.

Garlock’s product line includes industry recognized Low Emission valve stem packing, leading-edge and award winning pump packing sets like dry-running DSA, and water saving HYDRA-JUST®. We pioneered the development of emission control valve stem packing in the early 1980s. Our innovation efforts have yielded a portfolio of low emission packing products to suit customer needs and meet EPA’s latest requirements.

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Garlock, Gaskets

Gasketing Products

Garlock® gasketing is offered in a wide range of materials, including GYLON® restructured PTFE, compressed fiber gasketing, GRAPH-LOCK® flexible graphite sheet, THERMa-PUR Extreme Temperature gasketing and high performance rubber sheet products. 

GYLON® is a time-tested proven product that is known throughout industry as the material of choice for severe chemical services.  In addition, GYLON® gasket size availability is virtually limitless, as the product can be thermally bonded using a patented process.

Garlock’s compressed fiber gasketing materials are manufactured using a proven technique referred to as the High Pressure Sheet (HPS) process. One thing that makes the Garlock product different from other HPS products is the way they are made using a proprietary non-VOC solvent which is environmentally friendly.

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Garlock, Gaskets

Metallic Gaskets

Metal gaskets are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, pressures and chemical exposure. Available in standard and custom configurations, these rugged metal gaskets are made of a wide range of materials to accommodate all types of process applications.

Looking for a product to procure for your construction project?  Working on a piping system engineering spec?  Need specification help on this product for your system?  Our Engineering and Construction team is available for assistance no matter where you are located.

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Garlock, Gaskets


Garlock® hydraulic components include heavy-duty packing and seals to meet the demanding requirements of today’s reciprocating equipment. Key hydraulic component products include CHEVRON® V-ring packing and GARTHANE® urethane seals.

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Garlock, Gaskets


Bearing Isolators

KLOZURE® Bearing Isolators for pumps, motors, and gearboxes

KLOZURE® Bearing Isolators feature a unitized labyrinth design to prevent ingress of contaminants and egress of lubrication. Klozure® Bearing Isolators are most commonly found in pumps, motors, and gearboxes. Both split and solid styles are available. All KLOZURE® Bearing Isolators are proudly MADE IN THE USA! 

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Mechanical Seals

KLOZURE® Mechanical seals for pumps, agitators mixers and other rotating shaft applications are available in both lip and face seal designs in four primary styles and a wide range of sizes. Key products include P/S®-II lip seal, Syntron RP shaft seal, PK component seal, and the GMP series of single and double cartridge seals.

We manufacture mechanical seal solutions for numerous applications in the chemical, pulp and paper, mining, and power generation industries.

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Garlock, Gaskets


Oil Seals

Garlock® KLOZURE® Oil Seals Configured to Meet Industry Requirements

KLOZURE® Oil seals from Garlock® KLOZURE® are available in a wide variety of configurations to meet the requirements of major industries. MILL-RIGHT® materials are used on all elastomeric seals for superior bearing protection.


KLOZURE® Oil Seals are available in more than 50 different styles in sizes from ¼" to over 90", solid or split, metal-cased or all-rubber. 


KLOZURE® Oil Seals have had a strong brand presence in the U.S. since the 1920’s. Today they are also manufactured and branded in China and Germany.  Technology has advanced over the years, and the oil seals are now available in MILL-RIGHT® elastomers which provide longer service life than their predecessors.

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Garlock, Gaskets

LubriKup® molded cups and packing are specifically designed for the oil production industry.


Oil Production Seals

Garlock, Gaskets

Garlock's foundation is build on our customers critical demands and the demands of the industries we serve.  To this day , Garlock still customizes material formulations that make our products best in class.  


We take great pride in the engineering group that delivers these unique material formulations.  With our strong history and knowledge base , Garlock is your partner to take your company to the next level.

Rubber Products

Garlock, Gaskets

Diaphragms for Pumps  and Valves

Garlock manufactures the most durable and long-lasting pump and valve diaphragms available, reducing equipment downtime and increasing productivity.


From pure PTFE to one-piece bolt-on PTFE bonded rubber diaphragms, if you have a difficult or critical application, Garlock has the diaphragm to meet your needs. 

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Garlock, Gaskets

Expansion Joints

Garlock Expansion Joints offer superior performance, reliability, and service life, resulting in improved plant safety and increased mechanical integrity of the equipment.


As specifically engineered products that are inserted in a rigid piping system, Garlock Rubber Expansion Joints will:

  • Absorb movement

  • Improve thermal stability

  • Relieve system strain due to thermal change, load stress, pumping surges, wear of settling

  • Reduce mechanical noise

  • Compensate for misalignment

  • Eliminate electrolysis between dissimilar metals


All of our expansion joints carry safety ratings that exceed product specifications in areas such as pressure and movement. Non-metallic expansion joints and flexible couplings are ideally suited for a wide variety of industries.

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Garlock, Gaskets


Premium Grade PTFE Tape

High Sealability for Environmental Protection

Garlock PLASTI-THREAD® brand PTFE tape for high performance sealing in threaded connections.  Designed for pipeline equipment that handle gas, oxygen, water and other fluids in the Chemical, Petrochemical and Gas Industry, Stationery, Energy Generation, Food, Mining, among others. Complies with Standard A-A-58092 (formerly MIL-T-27730A).

  • High sealability for environmental protection. 

  • Zero moisture absorption.

  • High chemical purity with 30% higher density than typical tapes. 

  • 50% more elongation without breaking or tearing than typical tapes. 

  • Self extinguishing. 

  • For pipes made with galvanized metal , plasic, bronze, copper, aluminum, stainless steel.