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This new type of DRAGFLOW Dredge can easily work in every kind of conditions, even when the water level is minimum. Pumping capacity up to 400 cu.m/h with delivery distance up to 500m metres can make possible to perform works with the highest productivity ever

The dredge with steel cables, for being so user friendly, represents the best solution used in many touristic harbours, they find this machine as the best financial compromise between performance and initial investment with its small dimensions and high dredging depth.

Special pumps designed and studied for the pumping high density abrasive slurries. 

The DRP dredge is a portable, cable dredge based on submersible pump. Configured as a remote control dredge, the DRP becomes an automated system reducing the cost of operation while improving productivity. 

Our hydraulic power pack, suitably sized for the pumps and cutters, can also be designed to drive hoist, winches and auxiliary equipments.

Dragflow Hydraulic Subersible Dredging Pumps.

Dragflow offers custom pumping solutions and operating platforms for dredges, configured to client's requirements. We offer various products and services. 
Tell us what your problem is, we'll figure it out with the perfect solution.

High pressure water jet ring system can be used in presence of compact, very dry or clay materials. For electric pumps it can be used as an alternative to hydraulic cutters. Jet ring is also available for sea and aggressive mining water.


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Cutter Knife


Cutter Head


Hydraulic Excavators

 The Weed cutter-head has been designed to let the customer remove aquatic weeds and thick organic material and work in presence of aquatic plants: floating vegetation, submerged vegetation, or rooted vegetation 

The Dragflow cutter-knife works between the impeller and the strainer to cut the organic material. Together with the agitator the cutter-knife improve pump performances in the most difficult dredging projects.

Hydraulic Excavators are designed to let the pump works also in presence of very compact material.

The combination of the Cutterhead with the agitator avoids any clogging problem at the pump suction. 


Anti Turbidity Bell

A digging operation without turbidity limitation of the surrounding waters could cause serious damage to the marine ecosystem. Dragflow solves the problem through the addition of a bell to capture the sediments and prevent water turbidity.