Abrasion Resistant


Anti-abrasion conveyor belts are widely used for conveying in industries as electricity, coal, steel, ports, cement, chemical industries, etc. which will clay, nickel ore, sand, coal and other viscous materials not easy to adhere onto the belt thus keep the belt clean.


  • Low free energy and low polarity on the belt surface, difficult to adhere, easy to clean

  • Aging resistant, adapt to climate change, anti-static

  • Long service life

Flame Resistant


It is suitable for conveying high temperature solid materials like sintering ore, coke, cement clinker, etc. which is used in metallurgical, cement, chemical industry and so on.


Developed new structure carcass materials will reduce the strength loss of heat aging during running, and thus will extend the working life.

The cover uses superior ethylene-propylene rubber or halogenate rubber which will enhance the high temperature resistant property of the rubber and reduce the loss of heat aging.

Chemical Resistant


Suitable for conveying materials with chemical corrosiveness in chemical factories, chemical fertilizer factories, paper mills, mining industries, etc.


Selecting nylon canvas or EP canvas as the carcass, the belt has good elasticity and excellent troughability. The rubber cover, which is made from acid- alkaline resistant materials, has great anti-chemical corrosiveness and good physical properties.

Oil Resistant


Oil resistant conveyor belts select the NBR with excellent oil-resistant properties as the covers. The reinforced materials can be selected according to customers’ requirements. It’s suitable for conveying oily materials or the environment that exposure to a variety of working oil.


Low rate of volume change

High maintenance of strength

Wide application ranges

Steel Cord


Steel cord conveyor belts are suitable for high strength, long-distance, and heavy load transportation of materials, which are widely used in coal mines, mines, ports, metallurgy, electricity, chemical industries, etc.


1. High tensile strength: The belts are suitable for large span, long-distance transportation of materials.

2. Small elongation in use: The belts need only a very short take-up stroke distance.

3. Small diameter of drive pulley: The carcass has a layer of longitudinally arranged steel cords as its skeleton, and thus is resistant to flex fatigue. Therefore, drive pulley of smaller diameter can be used to make the equipment smaller.

4. High adhesion between rubber and steel cord: The steel cords are coated with zinc on their surface, and also the rubber used has the property of good adhesion with steel cords. Therefore, the rubber is tightly adhered to the steel cords and is resistant to shock and difficult to drop, so the rubber belts are long in service life.

5. Even tension of steel cords: Out of our advanced techniques in manufacturing, the steel cords are very evenly arranged and have the same tension, so the belts are well balanced in running and difficult to run deviation.

6. Good trough ability: As the carcass has no transverse skeleton, it is easy to form a deep trough, so the belts can load more materials and prevent the materials from escaping.

7. Good trough ability: As the belt body has no transverse skeleton, it is easy to form a deep trough, so the belts can load more materials and prevent the materials from escaping.

8. Inspection of the belt with X-rays: Users can take X-rays to inspect damages of the skeleton steel cords on the conveyor machines to prevent accidents from happening.

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