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Calorimeter Series

SUNDY calorimeter can be used to determine the calorific value of solid and liquid combustibles such as coal, coke, petroleum oil, cement black meal, biomass fuels as well as building material.

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Carbon Hydrogen & Nitrogen Analyzer

Sundy Carbon Hydrogen & Nitrogen Analyzer can be used to determine the carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen content in coal, coke, food, soil, fertilizer, etc in the fields of power plant, coal mine, metallurgy, steel factory and so on.

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Proximate Analyzer

Used in Determination of moisture, volatile matter and ash, and the calculation of fixed carbon and calorific value in coal, coke and solid biomass fuel;

Used in Analysis of carbon content in fly ash and clinker;

Used in Determination of moisture, volatile matter and ash in calcined petrol coke;

Used in Analysis of ignition loss in cement

safety, sundy, analyzer

Ash & Volatile Matter Tester

Can be used to heat, burn, dry and bake samples in the field of coal mining, power plant, metallurgy, petrochemical industry, geological prospecting, environment protection, college, etc.

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Ash Fushion Tester

It can be used to determine the air dried basis moisture and φ6 total moisture in coal, coke, petroleum, minerals, and solid biomass fuels, etc.

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Hardgrove Gridability Index Tester

It  can be used to determine grindability of coal in the fields of coal industry, power plants, metallurgical industryand scientific research, etc.