Metal Detectors

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Weighing Platforms


Water Vapor Permeability

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Barcode Scanner


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Set is used for determination of water vapour permeability with various materials, like: clothes, knitted fabric, and leather.

The pan has been designed to aid the operator stabilize and level weights that are located eccentrically. Additionally it helps to place eccentrically group of weights, total mass of which equals reference weight mass. The pan surface is covered with cork featuring marks that determine position of particular weights. Self-centering weighing pan is intended for APP KO comparator.


Ambient Condition Module

safety, weighing

Weighing Pans

safety, microbalances

Anti-Draft Chamber for Microbalances

Additional anti-draft chamber is intended for microbalances MYA series. It is an optional equipment of microbalances working in unfavourable conditions (air-drafts and breeze).